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Brian Wilson Receives NCSE Management Excellence Award

Brian Wilson Receives NCSE Management Excellence Award

In honor of National Disability Pride Month, we are highlighting TVS Production Manager Brian Wilson for his NCSE Management Excellence Award. He accepted his award at the recent SourceAmerica XForce Conference in May 2024 for his contributions to providing an inclusive work environment for individuals with disabilities.  

Wilson says it best in his acceptance speech, “There are very few times in life where you are where you’re supposed to be and you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, and this is that time for me. The mission that we serve, the people that we serve – they don’t work for me, I work for them.”

The NCSE Management Excellence Award celebrates individuals who have displayed excellence in leadership in the management of an AbilityOne participating nonprofit agency and significantly advanced employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

“I am genuinely honored to receive this award. My job at TVS has been the most rewarding thing that I have ever been involved with and it makes this [award] even more special,” reflects Wilson.

National Disability Pride Month is a time to reflect on disability rights and focuses on finding new ways to celebrate and support individuals with disabilities year-round. Thanks to Wilson’s dedicated work, TVS is a more inclusive and thriving work environment.  

“Mr. Wilson is a creative and innovative visionary, consistently demonstrating his ability to envision new possibilities and strategies that drive success for both disabled and non-disabled employees,” said TVS Director of Public Affair and Advocacy Leca Diehl. “Through his cross-training program, he has not only enhanced efficiency and capacity, but he has also provided all employees with valuable skills that enrich their professional portfolios. Brian’s commitment to the growth of employees’ skills and personal development is truly admirable; actively seeking ways to empower colleagues and team members to reach their full potential.”

Video and images courtesy of SourceAmerica.