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FAQs Regarding Employment

Answers to our most commonly asked questions.

Whether it is a question about part-time work, disability benefits, accommodations, or understanding what job is best for you. We are here to best answer those questions.

We understand that unanswered questions may hold a person back from considering employment. So, we have taken the most frequently asked questions and tried to answer them the best we could. Everyone is different, and the answer may slightly vary from person to person, but we hope that these questions help put your mind at ease as you consider working for TVS or in our community.

Q: How might employment affect my disability benefits?

A: The TVS Human Resources team will work with you to ensure that your disability benefits are not affected. Each individual’s situation is different and will be reviewed and accommodated whenever possible. Part-time positions often help with needed accommodations so benefits will not be affected. In addition to the support team at TVS, those who come to us through NC Vocational Rehabilitation Division have access to a Benefits Counselor who can help determine what you can safely earn and not have it impact benefits.

Q: What type of benefits does TVS offer?

A: Full-time positions at TVS enjoy medical, dental, Rx, vision, short-term disability, paid time off, holiday pay, accident insurance, and a 401k with partial company match.

Q: Can I get assistance with transportation to and from work?

A: Whether employed by TVS or through a placement at a regional employer, transportation to and from work is a responsibility of the employee. However, depending on where you live, County Transportation may be an option. TVS Human Resource personnel can provide you information about public transportation available for our region. And for jobs in the community, your TVS Employment Specialist can work with you to develop a transportation plan.

Q: What accommodations can be made for my disability?

A: Employers are responsible for making reasonable accommodations for employees and evaluating each need individually. At TVS, our Human Resources department determines accommodations that can be made based on the individual’s needs. This could include placing individuals on certain jobs that allow for less standing or lifting, accommodating for doctors’ appointments, as well as accommodating the number of hours able to work. For job placements made outside of TVS, your TVS Employment Specialist will help you determine your needs for accommodation and help advocate for your needs.

Q: I’d like to work in manufacturing, but am not sure exactly what TVS job is right for me…how can I get some help with that?

A: Each applicant that is interviewed will be able to take a tour of the facility. This tour will allow the applicant to see the different jobs available as well as a brief overview of what the job entails. Job descriptions are also a great place to start. Each job posting includes a detailed description of the job. Our Human Resource team members are readily available to discuss what position might best suit you.

Q: What kind of work schedule is possible…part-time vs full-time?

A: For jobs at TVS, the job descriptions on our website indicate if it is meant to be a full-time or part-time position. The job application also asks if the individual applying needs part-time or full-time employment. If at any time an individual feels they need to switch to part-time/full-time due to a disability, then that can be addressed with Human Resources and accommodated whenever possible. For placements made outside of TVS, your TVS Employment Specialist will help you determine the best work schedule for you, whether part-time or full-time.