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Jobs in Our Community

Your abilities and interests make you unique.
We help find the best place to put them to use.

Everyone wants a chance to succeed at a job that’s suited to their interests and abilities. TVS Employment Specialists help match people with disabilities or other barriers to employers who value the benefits an inclusive work force brings to everyone. Employment doesn’t just give someone a job; it gives them a chance to change their life while building stronger relationships, experiences, and communities. We’ve seen amazing transformations come from connecting community businesses with well-matched individuals to jobs where they will thrive. 

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Cafe employee still receives occasional vocational rehabilitation support from job coaches.
Daycare employee achieved dream job of working with children with support from TVS job coaches.

“We have such a family culture here at the daycare. Hiring a person with a barrier to employment through TVS Employment Specialists has really helped with the day-to-day operations and offered new perspectives for the family members we serve.”

Hotel employee organizes her cart to begin work before her job employment coach arrives.
 Enmarket employee, vocational rehabilitation coach and manager after one-on-one employment.

“We consider Rob to be integral to our team here at the store. His hard work has allowed us to do other things that we wouldn’t be able to accomplish otherwise.”

How do I make this happen? In partnership with the NC Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, TVS provides the following employment services/supports for individuals with disabilities or other barriers to employment who are seeking employment or needing ongoing job supports:

1. Vocational Evaluation: An individualized assessment to determine realistic employment goals and to identify needed strategies and accommodations that enhance employability.

2. Work Adjustment Training: A short-term program of work preparation for individuals who need specific vocational training to reestablish and/or develop communication skills, self-advocacy skills, work attitudes and behaviors.

3. Work Adjustment Job Coaching: One-on-one training provided at job sites to ensure that all job duties are mastered independently.

4. Supported Employment: A service that provides job development, intensive on the job training, and employer follow-up to enable persons who need higher levels of support obtain competitive employment.

5. Long Term Vocational Support: A service designed to help individuals with significant disabilities remain stable within careers of their choice. TVS Employment Specialists work with individuals, employers, and families on a monthly basis to promote career success.

How do you apply / qualify?

If you believe it is difficult for you to obtain or maintain employment, please call the North Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Division and talk with an experienced professional who can help determine if you qualify for any of the services described above. If you qualify, they will connect you with the TVS Employment Services Team.

Brevard: 828-883-2190
Hendersonville: 828-435-7230

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