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Life Skills

A flexible day program with supportive and enriching activities.

True happiness comes when we’re able to experience joy, purpose and a shared community. Our Life Skills program is tailored to meet the needs of qualifying adults with physical or intellectual / developmental disabilities who are aging, retired, or have complex needs. 

This day program provides individual enrichment, meeting participants where they are in a relaxed and flexible environment. Although each Life Skills participant takes part in activities at their own pace, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone. The program focuses on leisure activities, daily living skills, community engagement, recreation, and self-advocacy. Some of our more popular programs include volunteering for Meals on Wheels, participating in the Elves of Brevard, and envelope stuffing for local businesses. 

Parents or caregivers of individuals 18 years or older that qualify, are encouraged to talk with our experienced Program Director to determine what’s possible based on the combination of personal wants, needs and state-supported funding experience.  

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Older man gets instruction from direct support professional during customized day program.
TVS Direct Support Professional supports Life Skills participant for showing how strong he is.

“Because of the Life Skills program, my brother is able to do things he was never able to do before – normal things we take for granted. As his home caregiver, I appreciate being able to talk to the support staff when we have issues at home or need help navigating the system.”

Brevard’s Free Rein program provides equine therapy building mental confidencece
Direct support professional plays a cognitive matching activity withLife Skills participant.
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