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Our lives begin to end when we become silent
about the things that matter.

Serving individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment has been the driving force behind our mission for the past 50 years and we strive to continue working towards our goals, offering a safe environment, care, and support.

We want to share our resources and knowledge with you; our participants, clients, caregivers, family, and all those interested in supporting the value of employment for those who have challenges. As times change so do the rules, laws, and resources. Moving forward we aim to keep this community informed about the changing world that directly affects our family.


Together for Choice believes that individuals and their families know what is best in regards to residential and vocational programs and opportunities that meet their needs and preferences. Those with disabilities should have the same right and treatment as those who do not have a disability.

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ACCSES has a mission to promote and enhance community-based solutions that maximize employment and independent living opportunities for people with disabilities. ACCSES works with the government and other stakeholders to assure that services recognize and support the full potential of each person with a disability to enjoy a meaningful life.

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A-Team USA is a grassroots organization that started in Wisconsin with a common goal to unite persons with diverse abilities and their families to advocate in a grassroots effort, create awareness in the community, and advise those who care for our citizens with special needs to ensure a full array of service choices. The movement has grown to include 18 states, including North Carolina.

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SourceAmerica works to protect and increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities by collaborating with policymakers in the U.S. Congress and other Federal government leaders. Their goal is to establish relationships with stakeholders who can move the mission forward with policy advancements. SourceAmerica also works with other disability policy organizations to assist in bolstering their voice on Capitol Hill.

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SourceAmerica logo helps facilitate the government contracts as part of the AbilityOne Program.

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