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Pride in Our Purpose

Commitment to our mission, to and through our people.

For more than 50 years, TVS has been dedicated to enhancing the dignity and quality of life for people with disabilities or other barriers to employment. Beginning in 1967 as a day program for adults with developmental disabilities, TVS has grown to become one of the largest employers in Brevard and Transylvania county.

During our first 30 years, TVS provided support services and employment for hundreds of people by establishing solid relationships with local businesses that respected our purpose-driven work. Delivering on a wide range of projects built up a sense of trust and confidence in the community, yet left us subject to market demands that were out of our control. After decades of witnessing the value and joy of participants engaged in these outside contracts, we asked ourselves, “Could we do more to secure steady employment and career opportunities for our population?”

With that vision in mind, TVS built a state-of-the-art dry food manufacturing facility, that has been able to provide consistent, secure employment for hundreds of people with disabilities and other barriers to employment.

Through ongoing contracts with the U.S. Government for food products that serve our troops and the needy worldwide, TVS has been able to create our Mountain Maid brand of dry food products and grow it to a line of 20 items.

Known for the consistent quality of our people, processes, and products, commercial food and dietary supplement brands have also felt confident awarding us their business.

Today, TVS is a thriving not-for-profit social enterprise but really, we’re just people helping people to have the opportunities they need to enhance their lives.

When we succeed at that we have happy employees, happy customers and a happy company, and it just doesn’t get much better than that!

TVS’s mission is to provide quality employment, job training and residential & community services which serve to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals with disabilities and barriers to employment.

“I attribute TVS’ long time success not as much to what we do, as to how we do it. We thrive on fostering an inclusive culture, one that taps the ability and desire of each person and matches that to the needs of our organization. By doing this, we enjoy a culture of respect, commitment, and quality. These values help us sustain long-term customer relationships and employee loyalty.”

Jamie Brandenburg

TVS CEO Chief Executive Officer Jamie Brandenburg smiles for photo inside his office.


TVS works with two strategic partners to advance our mission.

SourceAmerica helps facilitate the government contracts that TVS fulfills as part of the federal AbilityOne Program. SourceAmerica links nonprofit agencies that serve people with disabilities with federal and commercial customers to fulfill their product and service needs. There are more than 750 NPAs in the SourceAmerica network and these organizations train and employ more than 95,000 people with disabilities.

SourceAmerica logo helps facilitate the government contracts as part of the AbilityOne Program.

The Marketing Association of Rehabilitation Centers (M.A.R.C.) is a nonprofit organization that provides business development assistance and administrative support to more than 19 regional nonprofit members in Western North Carolina. M.A.R.C was founded in 1978 and TVS is proud to be one of the founding member organizations.

MARC logo, business development assistance and administrative support in Western North Carolina.


Paddy Cawdery
(Board Chair),

Retired Aerospace Industry

Mark Emory
(Vice Chair),
Retired Human Resources Executive

Jamie Brandenburg


Karen Gleasman,
Retired Manufacturing Executive

Nancy Stricker,
Retired TVS CEO

Joe Depippo,
Executive Business Management


Callie Coetser,
Retired Corporate Executive

Shelly Webb,
Sharing House CEO

Jack Parker,
Retired Engineer

Lee Colquitt,
Professor of Finance at UA