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Interact. Network. Teach. Engage. Relate. Achieve. Connect. Together.

INTERACT is a fun, flexible day program that gives people living with intellectual / developmental disabilities wonderful opportunities to engage, learn and grow.

Focused on life enrichment goals, INTERACT offers participants volunteer and small part-time job opportunities in the community, classes to promote vocational and independent living success, creative and special interest clubs and engaging wellness programs. Individuals are free to choose the activities that excite them most.

Parents or caregivers of individuals 18 years or older that qualify, are encouraged to talk with our experienced Program Director to determine what’s possible based on the combination of personal wants, needs and state-supported funding assistance.

If an individual does not prefer on-site or group programs, TVS can offer Individualized Support Services based on your custom situation and funding. Our team is skilled at creating the right experience for each person.

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Life-Long Learning

“The program makes me feel happy, and like I can do anything. We do arts and express ourselves.”

Part-Time Paid Jobs

Artistic Expression

“Until the Special Olympics begin again,
I am enjoying walking around the neighborhood to get some exercise.”