Retired TVS CEO Shares Her Breast Cancer Survival Experience - T-V-S Overcoming Challenges | Feeding Our World

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When Nancy Stricker got hit with her second diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012, 14 years after her first, she knew she needed to prepare herself for battle.
“There is a fine line between knowing that you can surrender to God’s will for your life, and not being willing to surrender your life,” Stricker said. “And so, I found it a fine line to walk.”
Her first diagnosis was in 1998, and it was treated quickly, with surgery and radiation.
“I was extremely blessed, and I went on with my life, with no real residual effects,” Stricker said. “You never really say that anybody’s cancer is minor or that they come out unaffected, even if one survives.”
Stricker led Transylvania Vocational Services (TVS), a social enterprise contract manufacturer in Brevard that hires people with disabilities, for 43 more