U.S. Defense Logistics Agency Gives TVS Highest Possible Marks - T-V-S Overcoming Challenges | Feeding Our World

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The November 7th edition of the Source America newsletter praised our scores on a recent USDA performance report. TVS produces 20 dry food items for the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency, which feed American warfighters overseas. The Mountain Maid brand products we make for DLA Troop Support include varieties of pancake, biscuit, cake, & cookie mixes, as well as 4 types of nuts. Here is what the news blurb said…
DLA Troop Support Gives TVS High Marks
DLA Troop Support recently gave TVS high marks on a USDA past performance report. Categories included the ability to manage costs and delivery schedule, price reasonableness, product quality, customer satisfaction and more. TVS received the highest marks possible – a “10” – across the board on the DLA Troop Support contract its held since 2014.
A DLA Troop Support contracting officer added the following comment to the report: “TVS is a great business partner who is always willing to accommodate our customers with the high quality items at a fair market price…TVS collaborates with DLA for successful outcomes and the best way to move forward.”
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