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Halloween Scares at TVS

Halloween Scares at TVS

The spooky season was celebrated with festive outfits, hygiene care, and a spooky bake off at TVS this year.

TVS employees and program participants dressed up for the holiday for a chance to win two zero-gravity chairs or a double gravity chair. All individuals who dressed up were displayed on the break room TV for employees to vote on their favorite costume!

Congratulations to Sara Gibbs for winning the Halloween contest! Her scary clown costume spooked the most employee votes.

To complete the holiday, there was also a scary bake-off on Sunday, October 31st for TVS “C” shift employees.

“The Halloween bake-off was an easy idea. We had already been cooking for each other once a week prior to the holiday,” said “C” shift Supervisor Mitchell Rapp. “It brought the staff together and set a good tone for the rest of the day.”

On the menu were multiple items: edible intestines (Sara Gibbs & Devin Stepp), cut-off hand meatloaf (Esther & Charlie Parker), cut-off fingers and toes (Mary Larkin & Eric McGahee), baby fingers (Angie Ludy), candy corn (Will Coleman), stuffed hearts (Esther & Charlie Parker), and candy (Mandy Mathews).

Contestants were judged on taste and overall appearance. The judges were Production Supervisor Brian Wilson and his wife Lee Wilson, along with Supply Chain Manager Justin Frady.

“It was fun seeing the creative and demented ideas,” said Judge Brian Wilson. “I could tell that everyone was enjoying themselves which really made the experience that much more fun.”

But the overall winners were first place – “Edible Intestines” by Sara Gibbs and Devin Stepp, second place – “Cut-off Hand Meatloaf” by Esther and Charlie Parker, and third place – “Cut-off Fingers and Toes” by Mary Larkin and Eric MaGahee.

The top three winners earned a gift card to, Waffle House and Taco Bell.

Along with the holiday cheer, TVS employees were also gifted Halloween goody bags filled with floss, tooth paste and a tooth brush from the TVS Wellness Committee. October was National Dental Hygiene Month and with the trick-or-treating it was a healthy reminder for TVS employees to keep up with dental hygiene, in between pieces of candy!

Happy Holidays TVS family

Happy Holidays TVS family

From the end of November to the New Year, TVS celebrates the festive holidays. This year, TVS celebrated Thanksmas, a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas on December 5. Thanksmas was a Christmas pajama party brunch for employees.

Thanksmas brunch was catered by the Cracker Barrel and included pancakes, bacon, and biscuits and gravy. All shifts TVS employees and program participants were invited to the brunch and the TVS Leadership team served the meal.

Christmas music was played and employees were given name tags with holiday generated names such as Fancy Sugargiggles, Bubbles Fairytree, and Tinsel Everglitter.

During the brunch, employees were able to play BINGO, an emoji Christmas Movie Scramble, and could participant in a holiday themed scavenger hunt around the cafetoria. Prizes were given out to the first few winners of each game.

The holiday cheer did not end there, on the last day of work before Christmas, December 23, employees were asked to wear their best ugly Christmas sweaters. The holiday cheer was tacky and visible throughout the building.

Happy New Year to all TVS employees!

Written by Jenifer Welch