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TVS and Dover Foods Expand Capabilities & Capacity with New Machines

TVS and Dover Foods Expand Capabilities & Capacity with New Machines

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To continue meeting demands of current and new customers, TVS & Dover Foods has expanded capabilities and capacity with new machines and quality equipment.  

TVS has installed and launched a single serve cup line. This exciting new capability allows us to package baking mixes into preformed cups, fill the specified volumes, and apply a heat seal film as a lid. Cup sizes range 2-6oz with up to 40 CPM, and the equipment can be utilized for either gluten-free or conventional products.

Dover Foods has been investing in upgrading machinery and new quality measures. The upgraded machines include a Triangle pillow-bag machine and a Triangle stand-up pouch machine. The stand-up pouches have more than doubled production rates from 10 bags a minute to 50 bags per minute!

A case erector was also installed. It was originally used at TVS but repurposed for Dover. This installation replaces manual labor of packaging cases at the end of the stand-up pouch machine. Quality has also seen a growth in new features. A new video jet lot coding has added new capabilities for printing and multi-lot formats. As well as new metal detectors at the end of both the pillow and stand-up pouch machines. Lastly, SpeeDee branded control check weighers were added to both the Triangle machines to control the weight per fill. They also have the ability to self correct 6-7 per minute.

All the new equipment and upgrades will continue producing Mountain Maid, American Quality Foods,  and other products for TVS and Dover Foods costumers.