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Tiesha Hoffman — Employment Specialist

Tiesha Hoffman — Employment Specialist

Featured employee Tiesha Hoffman enjoys the TVS team spirit.

“If  you are thinking of working for TVS, GO FOR IT! Learn as much as you can now, and prepare yourself for the professional world by asking as many questions as you can.”

  • Grew up in Rosman
  • Graduated from Rosman High School in 2014
  • Graduated from Brevard College in 2018 with double major in English & Religious Studies
  • Work prior to TVS: Subway; Jarrett’s in Rosman
  • Started at TVS in May 2018
  • Why TVS? My heart has always been in social work and here I can grow and help others in their own journeys.
  • How TVS supports your growth: Taught me to look for the bright side very day. Even on dreary mornings, someone offers a kind word or smile to brighten my day.
  • Skills essential for your success: Timeliness, documentation, communication, patience, problem solving, and thinking on my feet.
  • Favorite things about working here: Everyone works as a team; respect and appreciation is common practice.
  • A favorite TVS memory: Seeing how excited the INTERACT program participants were to exhibit and sell their artwork at the recent Holiday sale.
Gregory S. Finch — Maintenance Supervisor

Gregory S. Finch — Maintenance Supervisor

Gregory S. Finch enjoys helping others as Maintenance Supervisor.
  • Grew up in Fletcher, NC
  • Graduated from West Henderson HS in 1984
  • Other Education: AB Tech for Welding; Continuing Education Certificates in Construction Theory, Confine Space Rescue, Video Jet, Infrastructure
  • Started at TVS in June 2011
  • Why TVS? I was looking to get back into plant maintenance and they have a BIG facility.
  • First job here: Line 2 Machine Operator
    Promotions: Plant Maintenance, Lead Tech, and now Maintenance Supervisor
  • Skills Used for Success: Continuing Education to keep up to date with machine performance
  • Favorite aspect of TVS: TVS’ ability to go out and help others with barriers to gain employment
  • Most memorable Experience at TVS: My first week on the job, my trainer was on vacation so I read the entire machine manual to learn to operate my new machine.