Joshua “Living the Dream” Smith — Quality Technician - T-V-S Overcoming Challenges | Feeding Our World

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Featured employee Joshua Smith quality checks a Super Cereal Plus bag.

“It is a family-oriented business, I love what they offer to individuals with disabilities. This is especially important to me since I have a child with autism.”

Featured employee Joshua Smith quality checks a Super Cereal Plus bag.
  • Graduated from Rosman High School in 2010
  • Started at TVS in May 2018
  • First job at TVS: Quality Technician (level 1)
  • Quality Technician (level 2), in a nut shell: “Making sure lot codes are correct and upholding the integrity of our bags and products. It has a lot of paperwork and organization but it guarantees that the equipment is working correctly and that the products are safe.”
  • Why Quality? “I knew I wanted to work in quality because of paperwork skills and I knew that TVS was a great place to work because my Mother-In-Law used to work here.”
  • Career goals? “Continue moving forward in the company by first becoming a level 3 Quality Technician and be able to provide for my family.”
  • Previous Work Experience: Gaia Herbs in Shipping and Receiving and as a Liner Accelerator Tech and Press Tech.
  • Favorite part about working at TVS? “The people are one of the best parts. I am a social butterfly, I love talking to everyone especially coworkers and INTERACT participants.”
  • Favorite TVS memory? “I am currently enjoying coaching the TVS Softball team and I also really have enjoyed past company picnics.”