Tracie Thomas — Warehouse Associate - T-V-S Overcoming Challenges | Feeding Our World

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Featured employee Joshua Smith quality checks a Super Cereal Plus bag.

“The most enjoyable part of my job is being a part of the TVS mission. On the struggle days, that’s what keeps me going.”

Featured employee Joshua Smith quality checks a Super Cereal Plus bag.
  • Graduated from Rosman High School in 1991
  • Started at TVS in December 2018
  • College Education: Associate in Arts (AA) from Blue Ridge Community College
  • Professional Growth at TVS: Originally hired as an INTERACT Direct Support Professional (DSP). “This was the most personally rewarding job I’ve ever had in my life.” 
    After 9 months, Tracie accepted the HR Administrative Assistant position before being presented with an opportunity as a Warehouse Associate.
  • Warehouse Associate, in a nut shell: “Responsible for data entry of all incoming materials and ingredients and outgoing shipments of Mountain Maid INDM and Low-Fat Bakery Mix. As well as, moving materials from the warehouse and production locations, and assisting in other inventory or logistic tasks.”
  • Why TVS? “I had gone through VISION Transylvania in 2015 and toured the facility. I heard about the mission and saw the operation. It was the first place I looked at for employment in 2018 after retiring from elections.”
  • Career goals? “I plan to keep working towards using my full potential for the company because I have so much more to give. I just don’t know where that will take me yet.”
  • Previous Work Experience: 25 year career at the local election center working as an election clerk and moving up to the election director.
  • Favorite part about working at TVS? “The mission first and then the people I get to work with.”
  • Favorite TVS memory? “A lot. But thinking back, I would have to say that watching INTERACT participants perform a song in sign language at the Transylvania County jail was one of the best experiences. It was heart-warming to watch the reactions from the inmates.”
  • What makes TVS different? “It is all about working together on a large scale. Each department works independently, together to reach the overall goals.”