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Michelle Ekeanyanwu — Quality Technician

Michelle Ekeanyanwu — Quality Technician

Featured employee Joshua Smith quality checks a Super Cereal Plus bag.

“It is an ongoing job and I am excited to become more knowledgable with Safe Quality Food (SQF) rules and regulations.”

  • Grew up in Connecticut, moved to Brevard after High School
  • Started at TVS in May 2008
  • First job here: Production member
  • Quality Technitian, in a nut shell: Ensure the integrity of our product and make sure the product meets the customer specifications and make sure all the paperwork is correctly processed.
  • Why TVS? “Employers like this are hard to come by. I enjoy the flexability of my job here, along with the care and benefits offered by TVS.”
  • Previous work experience: Continental Treves and WelchAllyn
  • Favorite aspect of TVS? “The support and care that the company has for employees.”