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Stricker-Alderman Fund Launched

Stricker-Alderman Fund Launched

In an effort to provide additional support to TVS employees, TVS is proud to implement the Stricker-Alderman Fund. This resource is intended to help those in times of crisis.

The Stricker-Alderman Fund is named in honor of Nancy Stricker, former TVS CEO, and Becky Alderman, former TVS COO, for their long-term commitment to individuals in Transylvania County.

“The Stricker-Alderman Fund is built on the idea that life happens and sometimes all we need is an extra life-line and a helping hand-up when times get tough,” said TVS Employee Support Specialist Kyle Ridgley. “TVS wants to serve its employee’s well and show each employee that we value them. We know that things arise that need extra assistance and having this resource available helps make TVS what it is.”

A recent survey indicated that TVS employees have experienced lack of basic needs in some of the following areas within the last 5 years: housing, transportation, utilities, and medical care. The Stricker-Alderman Fund advances the TVS mission of providing services and employment opportunities for adults with disabilities and other barriers to employment, but it also extends beyond the normal work day and assists employees with basic life needs.

“The Stricker-Alderman Fund was needed at TVS,” said Ridgley. “It all comes back to the Trust, Value, Serve model of TVS. We ‘value’ our mission and you can ‘trust’ us to be by your side as we continue to provide ‘services’ and other avenues of assistances as needed.”

The fund is a taxable event. Individuals can receive one grant per year with a maximum of $3,500.

To be eligible, an individual must be a full-time or part-time employee of TVS and the individual, or an eligible dependent (18 years or younger), must have experienced a qualifying event in the past 90 days. A qualifying event is an event that affects your ability to pay for basic living expenses such as utilities, mortgage/rent, food, or transportation.

Events that might be considered eligible for qualification for the Stricker Alderman Fund could include: a serious illness or injury, unexpected medical or dental visits, death of a family member, extreme circumstances such as homelessness or fire, natural disasters, and others.

The application is completely confidential. Usually, within 10 days of submitting the application, a response will be issued. While not all submissions are guaranteed to result in a grant, all submissions are reviewed on a case by case basis, and if necessary, other local resources/assistance options will be provided.

“I am honored to be able to have the opportunity to partner and support TVS employees,” said Ridgley. Looking ahead, TVS hopes to add to Transportation and Personal Advancement assistance tiers to the fund.

For more information about the Stricker-Alderman Fund or to receive a copy of the application please reach out to Kyle Ridgley at (828) 884-2052 or email


TVS Pre-ETS Helpful Resources

TVS Pre-ETS Helpful Resources

The TVS Preparation for Employment Success team works with the NC Department of Vocational Rehabilitation Pre-Employment Transitions Services (Pre-ETS) program to assist local high school students (ages 14 to 21) with employment after graduation. Information about the Pre-ETS program can be difficult-to-find online. Below are some helpful resources in one easy-to-find place, to better understand the objectives and the qualifications.

To learn more about the TVS Pre-ETS team check our NEWS section for the latest updates.

Current TVS Pre-ETS news: Pre-ETS begins at TVS (2019) TVS Pre-ETS go virtual (2020)

VR Information Handout

Handout from NC Department of Vocational Rehabilitation

TVS Pre-ETS Brochure

Brochure with information about the TVS Pre-ETS program

NC Disability Rights

Complete information about the Pre-ETS program in NC.

A Glance at Disability History

A Glance at Disability History

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM) and to help honor this important month, we invite you to learn more about Disability History. The PDF provides a quick history, educational sources, and resources to continue your own research. 

We invite you to also read more about our celebration of NDEAM.

TVS Company Newsletters

TVS Company Newsletters

There is no better way to keep up with all the fantastic news at TVS than our quarterly newsletter! TVS newsletters are filled with news about our different Programs and Services such as Pre-ETS, Employment Specialists, INTERACT, and Life Skills. The newsletters also include updates from our  Manufacturing operation, including our contracts the USDA, USAID and the military. And last but not least, we share stories, accomplishments and milestones enjoyed by our team as we work together to serve our mission. Stay informed by signing up for our e-newsletter here and enjoy reading past issues below.

Clickable image of the image PDF.

March 2022

TVS becomes a Blue Zones Approved Worksite!

Clickable image of the image PDF.

December 2021

TVS Stricker-Alderman Fund Launched

Clickable image of the image PDF.

July 2021

TVS initiates a Wellness Committee

Clickable image of the image PDF.

April 2021

‘No Limits’ Artists show in Raleigh, NC

Clickable image of the image PDF.

December 2020

“Give Back, Get Back” Donation Drives

Clickable image of the image PDF.

August 2020

INDM orders to food pantries in the U.S.

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April 2020

Upgrades and Investments

2019 TVS Newsletter thumbnail

December 2019

2019 Recap!


May 2018

TVS 50th Anniversary

‘In The Loop’ – TVS Program’s Monthly Bulletin

‘In The Loop’ – TVS Program’s Monthly Bulletin

Every month, the TVS Support Services team or the TVS Employment Specialists create an informative bulletin for our participants, parents/guardians, and for TVS Programs & Services employees. These one-page bulletins offer a glimpse into the hard work and dedication of our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and also serves as a fun way to share important information. We hope you find this information useful.

Issue 31, September 2022

Medicaid Managed Care

Issue 30, August 2022

Supporting People with I/DD as they Age

Issue 29, July 2022

School’s Out!!

Issue 28, June 2022


Issue 27, May 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month

Issue 26, April 2022

Disability Issue or Human Being Issue?

Issue 25, March 2022

Caring for the Caregivers

Issue 24, February 2022

Pre-ETS Virtual Job Shadowing

Issue 23, January 2022

Understanding 2022 Disability Benefits

Glancing Back at Past Issues


Issue 11, Jan 2021

A Quick Glance at Equality VS Equity

Issue 12, Feb 2021

COVID-19 can’t stop our FUN!

Issue 13, March 2021

The Basics about
Able Accounts

Issue 14, April 2021

Preparation for TVS Employment Success Team (Pre-ETS)

Issue 15, May 2021

Informed Decision Making

Issue 16, June 2021

Anxiety, Transitions, & Expectations

Issue 17, July 2021

Disability is as Natural as Being Human!

Issue 18, August 2021

Looking closer into Local Unemployment

Issue 19, Sept 2021

Resiliency in Highschool Students

Issue 20, Oct 2021

Our DSP Commitment continued (part 3)

Issue 21, Nov 2021

Quality in Person Centered Supports

Issue 22, Dec 2021

Unwrapping the Holidays


Issue 01, March 2020

Understanding our DSP Commitment

Issue 02, April 2020

Tips to Talking about

Issue 03, May 2020

The Importance of Healthy Eating

Issue 04, June 2020

Our DSP Commitment Continued (part 2)

Issue 05, July 2020

Understanding Loneliness

Issue 06, August 2020

Our Response to COVID-19

Issue 07, Sept 2020

The Concept of Dignity of Risk

Issue 08, Oct 2020

CARF International Accreditation

Issue 09, Nov 2020

Workplace Etiquette during

Issue 10, Dec 2020

‘No Limits’ Artists Express Creativity